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Specification - Rise Resort Residences


Landscape Amenities

Rise Resort Residences


  • 9 Hole Golf Putting Course
  • 2 km long jogging track
  • Forest Walk
  • Bridges connecting the Landscaped areas
  • Buggy path outside the villa



Golf Cart

Rise Resort Residences


  • Customized golf cart with every villa with Name (Owner) Engraved.
  • No Vehicles on the ground only golf cart movement therefore no Pollution
  • Cars will be Parked safe in the basement



Chef & Butler

Rise Resort Residences


  • Your personal Bonne Appetite Moment
  • Rooftop Dining
  • Masters of the occasions at your command




  • Gardner on call
  • Selection of seed
  • Life in your hands




  • Masseur/Therapist on call
  • Your Personal Therapist
  • Better Therapy Sense


Sports Amenities


  • Outdoor Courts
  • Cricket Ground and Practicing Pitch
  • 9 Hole Putting golf Course
  • Basket Ball , Tennis ,Badminton and Volleyball courts
  • Indoor Air-conditioned Stadium
  • Kid’s Zones and Park
  • Swimming Pools and Club